domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Whining - a comic panel

This is me whining to my former desk neighbour, the talented and amazingly great Amora B. No wonder she left me (meaning my neighbourhood) to sit beside more playful and positive co-workers/friends for the rest of her stay at the studio. Miss you!

(translation: "so because I am such a bad actress, I ruined the company's play, and they had a lot more success after I left them to become an intern working with design, which actually meant I used to spend my whole day cutting and cleaning up toilets with photoshop"
below: Memoirs of a loser - me bothering Amora telling her the frustrations of my life - or my life of frustrations. Soundtrack: Beck's Loser's refrain on eternal loop)


Esta sou eu reclamando com a minha antiga vizinha de mesa a maravilhosamente grande e talentosa Amora. Não foi a toa que ela saiu lá do meu lado pra se sentar no lado mais positivo e amigável do estúdio :D

Esse daí foi antigão :D mas só finalizei agora >_< - e daquele jeito ainda....