sábado, 21 de março de 2009

Another sketch

The same kind of sketch I did on last week's post. I plan on this girl to be part of a bigger illo but rigth now I'm too lazy to go forward with that. I also need to have my computer back. She was intended to be a Japanese girl who loves Black culture, inspired on some pictures I had seen on the web. I still need to sketch her a cool outfit.

thanks for the visit and see y'all.

Would you like some coffee?

I was playing around with some left over coffee and these are the results. The first girl was some kind of samurai but I know you can't notice the sword...

I hope the second one doesn't offend anyone. I tried some watercolor approach with some better quality paper.
see ya!

sábado, 14 de março de 2009

A post, unbelievable!

Finalmente um post. Um rabisquinho rápido a princípio, que eu não resisti e acabei pintando. É, um sketch mais q uma ilustração pq não tem nada demais, mas aos que sabem que eu sou a procrastinação em pessoa, foi um "achievement" até que razoável...

Finally a post. A quick rough at first, which I couldn't resist, and ended up painting. But still a sketch, not much. Maybe a reasonable achievement for me, the procrastination in person.

Thanks for the visit.