sábado, 13 de setembro de 2008


I don't have a new drawing yet (working on my "i love myself so much" comics) but I bring thee just a quote from a very inspiring sir, John Lasseter, talking about creativity principles at Pixar. I highlight a small personal favorite passage of it, but recommend its whole reading: (thanks to Upcoming Pixar for the link):

3. Quality is a great business plan. Period. "There is a crucial rule: no compromises. No compromises on quality - regardless of production constraints, cost constraints, or a deadline. If you get a better idea, and this means that you have to start again from scratch, then that's what you have to do.

"In any creative industry, quality is the sole business plan that prevails in the long run. Many managers fail to understand that, but the spectators understand it. The process is only finished once the creative professional in charge says it's finished. That does not mean that there isn't to be any pressure - there's pressure all the time anyway - but the individual creator always needs to have the last word."

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Amora B. disse...

E palmas pra ele! *__*

Eeei e que comic é essa??? XDD

Muumumumuuack! =***

bog_art disse...

You have a really nice work here.. my favorite one is "Work in Progress".. you should post more.. =)

Alex Cói disse...

Belos desenhos por aqui!
Delicados pra caramba....Curti!


Tobias Schwarz disse...

very true, unless you have no money to buy food....

great blog BTW!