quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2008

Meme: Teen Eiko

This is a fun meme created by Davario, whose blog I came to know thanks to this meme and through Drawn, and I imediately became his (undeclared) fan! Well, after seeing other many talented artists participating (see list clicking on link) , I decided to give my humble contribution. I shall say that I like myself as a 16 year old more than nowadays, as I had a bit more courage then. (or less wisdom, probably the last one). I hope I'll see more of these around!

2 comentários:

Eric Vanucci disse...

Nossa, Cris! Muito da hora!Adorei isso!

ShigueS disse...

Hey, fantastic! But there are some mistakes, maybe the drawings are inverted, because last time I saw you, you looked exactly as the teenager drawing. Actually, you look as a teen, Eiko. I can't imagine you with girly clothes either. Anyway, great work!