domingo, 15 de junho de 2008


Hey' all! A post per week, that must be some kind of unusual wind blowin'... or was I on vacation just doodling at home recovering from home-cooking injuries? Yep, the second option is the right one, so kids, when cooking pasta, beware of the evil boiling water!

Anyway, these are quite simple sketches I made with gouache, based on two dear friends with whom I am always failing on being in touch. I'm sorry Patty and Dani for disappearing so much! (I don't think they ever see this blog)

That's it for today... see y'all soon.

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Ale disse...

Hey there! I love your "tiny" drawings, they are so cute.
I just wanted to thank you as i've read your comment on the blog of kells about my Aisling drawings and I was very glad of that. Hope my keys weren't too messy to cleanup.. ;) Take care,

Anônimo disse...

Hey, thanks for the drawings, I sure feel honored you (still) remember us and even took the time to draw us. They came out really good, love them!

Anônimo disse...

Hi Cris! The drawings of us are adorable! You got to send them to us too. Oh me holding Tobey is so cute! Thanks for sharing it!

By the way I'm writing a blog too, it's

There's no layout yet 'cos I plan to conect it to my future new website.

Eric Vanucci disse...
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Eric Vanucci disse...

Valeu Cris! Belos trabalhos como sempre... Seus sketchbooks são incríveis! Cadernos de páginas e páginas de obras de arte... parabéns!!!!