domingo, 15 de junho de 2008


Hey' all! A post per week, that must be some kind of unusual wind blowin'... or was I on vacation just doodling at home recovering from home-cooking injuries? Yep, the second option is the right one, so kids, when cooking pasta, beware of the evil boiling water!

Anyway, these are quite simple sketches I made with gouache, based on two dear friends with whom I am always failing on being in touch. I'm sorry Patty and Dani for disappearing so much! (I don't think they ever see this blog)

That's it for today... see y'all soon.

sábado, 7 de junho de 2008

Drawing Day 08

I did a few drawings today but took only a picture of one of them, because I don't have a scanner with me. The others were either too light to look good on a picture or didn't look too good (not that this one does :( ) . I need to practice more traditional painting... I did a study sketch based on Julie Delpy's character Celine in "Before Sunset" but I'll post only the finished piece this time... I love those "Before Sunrise/Sunset" movies.

quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2008

Meme: Teen Eiko

This is a fun meme created by Davario, whose blog I came to know thanks to this meme and through Drawn, and I imediately became his (undeclared) fan! Well, after seeing other many talented artists participating (see list clicking on link) , I decided to give my humble contribution. I shall say that I like myself as a 16 year old more than nowadays, as I had a bit more courage then. (or less wisdom, probably the last one). I hope I'll see more of these around!